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Rules & Safety

Inter-Livery Ski Championship


It is a condition of taking part that everyone agrees that by doing so they take complete responsibility for their own safety and that they will follow the rules below.  Skiing and in particular racing are inherently dangerous activities. The fact that a course has been set does not mean that it is safe for you to ski down it. Your safety is far more important than any result. Only you know your own ability and it is YOUR decision and only YOU decide whether it is safe for you to take part or not in the prevailing conditions. The race is set and run by the ESF and you must obey their directions. The organisers are here to promote and coordinate the event and cannot accept any liability for your safety or any injury sustained.


  1. All competitors must be members of a livery company or a guest that hasn't raced in previous years and be 18 or over.​

  2. All racers compete as individuals (either as Company members or guests of a Company).  If a Company has more than 3 members competing, they have a Team. If a Company has more than 6 members they have 2 teams etc.  The team members do not have to be nominated before the race. The fastest 3 members' times score towards the A team for that company, the next 3 fastest become the B team etc.  Guests can not race as part of a team. 

  3. All competitors and supporters (including guests) must register using the form on the registration page. The fees should be paid as directed by your team captain.   It may be possible to take substitutions up to the 10th of January at the sole discretion of the committee and if space permits.​

  4. All competitors must have insurance to include cover for non professional ski racing and training. This must include Piste Rescue, Medical Expenses, Repatriation and Third Party Liability as a minimum.

  5. Ordinary holiday ski insurance does not normally cover race training, racing or competition.  See details of an offer at the bottom of the Deals page..​HERE

  6. All competitors are to wear helmets while racing or training and Lycra type skin tight suits are not permitted.​

  7. All competitors must wear a race bib to be collected from finish hut at the bottom of the course or as detailed in the briefing. The race number must not be obscured.  Please be very careful to take the correct bib as the alternative causes extreme confusion!  Allow plenty of time for collecting your bib and getting back to the start in time for your start slot.  Any racer who reports to the start gate after his/her turn (according to the start list) may be disqualified. They will however be 'slotted in' if it is possible and if time permits.  After you have raced, please immediately return your race bib to the rack at the finish.  ​

  8. While inspecting the course(s), competitors must not ski through the gates or 'mirror' the course.  Side slipping down through the course is allowed.  Turning in the gates before your race run is strictly prohibited. Infringement of these rules may lead to disqualification.  If you see anyone doing this please warn them.  During course inspection and especially during the race do not ski through the finish unless you are actually competing as you will mess up the timing. During the race, if you fall, do check before setting off again that the next racer is not about to hit you..​ If you wilfully obstruct the racer coming after you you may be disqualified. 

  9. The area below the finish must be kept clear at all times. Remember that racers finishing may be tired and might find it hard to stop or avoid someone standing in the finish area.  The run-off area should be clearly marked and should be vacated as soon as possible to avoid risk of collision with the next competitor.

  10. ​If any disputes arise, they must be reported to the Race Committee at the finish within 30 minutes of the end of your run. The Race Committee’s decision will be final.

  11. ​Results of the Slalom and Start List for the GS should be available at the Thursday evening reception. The GS results will be announced at the prizegiving on Friday evening.

  12. ​The Race Committee has the right to postpone, cancel or change the race or timings due to adverse weather or snow conditions without refund. The committee would however try to arrange alternative competitions/activities.

  13. ​Check the details that you have submitted on your registration form very carefully and let us know if you (or we) have made an error.  A list of participants and details will be available from December - check it carefully. At least one person has missed out on winning a prize when they had entered their position in the company incorrectly.  Changes can not be made after the start list has been finalised. 

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