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Registration 2023

Inter-Livery Ski Championship

Registration is now closed for 2023 - except by special arrangement (you know who you are!)


The Registration process this year is very much the same as previously.  Please read the whole of this page.



If you are a team captain you should have had an email telling you what to do. If you have not heard from me, please contact me ASAP (see bottom of page).  


If you are not a Team Captain and wish to attend, please contact your team captain to see if there are still spaces. If you have a place, please read to the bottom and then download the form below, complete it fully and forward it with payment, as appropriate, directly to your Company's Team Captain who will submit for the whole team.  If you do not know your team captain's contact details, please contact your Company Clerk's Office and they should know. If they don't, then please contact me directly (see bottom of page). 

If you are hoping to bring a non-member guest, please get them to fill out a form too and submit it with your own form to your team captain.


If you are racing as an individual and don't have a team captain, then YOU ARE the Team Captain for your Company!! Please contact me immediately and I will send you a form link to apply if there is still space.

​All attendees INCLUDING GUESTS must complete an application.  

This is the only way to be included.


This year due to higher charges to us we have had to increase the  cost slightly - for Racers it is £175 and for Supporters £125.  HOWEVER that is the 'Early-Bird price' for entries submitted with payments received by us only until 10th December.  From midnight (UK) 10th December the price for Racers and Supporters goes up by £50. With numbers at maximum last time, we expect to be fully-subscribed this year. We are already having to limit the numbers substantially so places will be allocated partly on a '1st come, 1st served' basis with an allowance for new and smaller teams. As always the organisers decisions are final. Book early to avoid disappointment! Check the News and Deals page for updates. In any case entries will not be accepted after 10th January.


By completing this form, you agree that YOU take complete responsibility for your own safety and will abide by the rules on the Rules & Safety section of the Competition page.  Skiing, and in particular racing, are inherently hazardous activities. The fact that a course has been set does not mean that it is safe for you to ski down it. Your safety is far more important than any result. Only you know your own ability and it is YOUR decision and only YOU decide whether it is safe for you to take part or not under the prevailing conditions. The race is set and run by the ESF and you must obey their directions. The organisers are here to promote and coordinate the event and cannot accept any liability for your safety.  You must have insurance that includes amateur racing. See the News & Deals page on the website which will be updated as soon as information is available.


Here is the Registration Form. It is in Excel & PDF format. Please use the Excel version if possible. Download, complete, save it with your name and send it to your Team Captain.  If you can't access the spreadsheet, Download the PDF, Print it, Complete it manually and then Scan it and send to your Team Captain.

ILSC 2023 Registration Form.xls
ILSC 2023 Registration Form.pdf
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