ILSC 2022 Cancelled

Inter-Livery Ski Championship

Note sent to Team Captains on Friday 7th Jan '21

We are EXTREMELY sorry to have to tell you that we have had to admit defeat: ILSC 2022 is officially cancelled.

We have reached this decision for a number of reasons:

  • The law: It is still currently illegal for Brits to go to France on holiday. That could change this week but we believe it is unlikely. It is one thing to take it upon yourselves or ourselves as individuals as to whether we abide by or ‘work around’ the rules but it is another thing to be actively encouraging or organising others to do so – whether personally or as an organisation. 

  • Our suppliers: Many hotels have been extremely helpful and flexible over booking arrangements and deposits etc. I think it is only fair to give them a chance to sell rooms to those that have a better chance of being able to use them.

  • Safety: My sources are telling me that Morzine is rammed with Dutch and Belgians and that Covid is even more widespread than here…. Also, vaccination rates are a good deal lower than here in the UK and mask wearing in public is, at best, extremely inconsistent.

  • Purpose: Even if we left it open and tried to run some races, the whole point of our event is to allow people to mix and socialise which is patently not a great idea in large numbers.

  • Clarity: I am sure that you all want to know one way or another what is happening. I have already had a few companies pull out and I am sure that that would continue.

  • UPDATE - Refunds: As each TC is aware of the funds paid to the Ironmongers, please would you email me with the account details to which refund(s) should be made. I will then pass this on to our accounts department.  I need A/c name, A/c number and Sort Code plus the amount you expect.

I would like to thank our sponsors Punter Southall Wealth (formerly Psigma) for sticking with us. They had very kindly agreed to continue to support us, even though the functions looked like being far more limited, and they had even bought new race bibs and banners with their corporate logo on. I hope that they will still be with us along with all of you next year.